Alpha Laboratories is one of the fastest growing clinical laboratory in the healthcare sector that depends upon keen, talented and the most gifted expertise.

The Alpha Laboratories is here to encourage a spirit of teamwork, a culture of excellence in the workplace and relation the human capital to the success of business goals by a procedure of continuous learning and training.

We are continuously looking out for the most talented and enthusiastic minds to be a part of our team and to help us further the vision of our founder.

If you would like to apply to any of the positions advertised above or if you are interested in working for any other department of the institution please attach your resume with the suitable position mentioned and ping us with an e-mail. You will be contacted if your application is shortlisted.

medical laboratories in Qatar
Vacancy ID Vacancy title Field Closing date
PSR Patient Service Representative PSR 2018-08-31
LabDr Laboratory Doctor Laboratory 2018-08-31
Mk Sales & Marketing Officer Marketing 2018-08-31
LAB Lab Tec Lab 2018-08-31